About Us

 Welcome to MOSSY BACK CLOTHING the Offical Home   of Freshwater Marron Merchandise!

Mossy Back Clothing is named and inspired after the WA Icon we all know as the "Fresh Water Marron”. Growing up in a small country town called Waroona in the South West region. Living on farm with a dam full of Marron and a mind full of ambition, a dream was reached at the young age of 17. 

Pestering Mum and Dad for our next Christmas present to be Marron clothing, it was soon found out there was no such thing. Drawing up a few designs and after months of intense research on how to start up, register and trademark my business, I found a Great quality supplier and was finally able to have some t-shirts printed. The response from the local community was overwhelming. I had many people cheering me on and the support led to a high demand of people wanting to purchase Mossy Back clothing. I decided to make various designs representing the Freshwater Marron based off how we grew up on the farm, launching my very own business in 2018. After completing my plumbing apprenticeship, it was time to focus on what I really loved doing. Since establishing, we are now lucky enough to be Trademarked & representing this great Fresh Water Crayfish.

The term "MOSSY BACK" has been used by many generations as a nickname to describe the species. As the Marron grows older and the longer they live. They tend to form moss on their backs. Hence this is where the name “Mossy Back” originated from. 

As our love for Mossy Backs grew so did our brand! With the huge amount of support of Mum and Dad they had given up their theatre room which turned into the “Mossy Back Room”. We were underway! Delivering orders everyday around the community and surrounding areas.

Currently trading as a Mobile printing/production shop! 
We have since attended 150+ events/Shows & pop ups promoting our hand drawn & designed locally Merchandise throughout WA.

Our story stretches as far as local community work throughout schools and events, setting up stalls with our talks and hoping to inspire youth to follow their dreams. Our dream is to become WA’s Biggest Apparel company and put the Western Australian Freshwater Marron AKA, Mossy Backs on the map.

Join our fastly growing brand by putting some MOSS on your back !